Self-Imposed Community Service – Trash Pick-Up

Linda and Daphne “On the Job”.  We started this choreas a trail exercise for our rescue horse Daphne, desensitizing her to a large, plastic garbage bag, the grabber, and plastic gloves and she was so great at it, that we decided wouldn’t it be nice if we helped out Mother Nature and picked up trash along the trails we use?


We take 15 minutes every week to police our trails for trash.  Mostly, we do this on foot and encourage our hiker and bicycle friends to do the same.  No, we don’t get a medal, and no one will recognize us, but that’s okay.  We’re chipping in and doing our part.  BTW, our beautiful Daphne is pretty good at this task because we have put in the time with her on it.  Don’t advise you do this with your horse unless you put in the time peppered with patience.  So, work on foot instead.  Bring plastic bag, plastic or latex gloves and a grabber if you have one.

Next month – Self-Imposed Community Service – Butt Patrol

Author: Alice

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