How about a little horse in your family outing

How about a little horse in your family outing…

Anbrey and Emerson Hs

Aubrey and Emerson decided to create a joint family outing with their parents. Aubrey knows her Mother grew up riding horses and Emerson’s Mom rides daily.

aubrey and Mom horsing around

The two teens thought it would be fun to get the families together and spend time out in nature. So they contacted a local stables that rents horses for trail riding. Right now, the fall climate in Southern California is perfect for horse back riding, not too hot, not too cold. Plus, the leaves are turning colors. Malibu Riders of Agoura provided the horses and met the group at the Paramount Ranch. Scott, of Malibu Riders, was the “Trail Boss” and took the gang on a one hour ride through Reagan Ranch and along mountain trails to a scenic overlook of Malibu Lake.

malibu lake

As a special treat, he took the riders to the Western town located at Paramount Ranch, just before the ride ended. Afterwards, the families continued their rustic adventure by having an early dinner at “The Old Place” which is nearby, off of Muholland Hwy. The group shared grilled brussel sprouts, quail, steak and chicken. The portions are big so bring a good appetite or consider sharing, like this group did!

aubrey and Em

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