Self-Imposed Community Service – Butt Patrol


Tammy and Chester “On the Job”, combing for discarded butts along the highway near where we ride. The discards were lit butts at one time, which were unfortunately thrown from a moving vehicle. Tammy hand walks Chester for this task and carries a plastic bag.


She also wears vinyl gloves, because the stench is so horrendous on the butts and doesn’t seem to fade over time. If you have no clue as to how toxic cigarette butts are please check out We have posted one of their PSAs, which compares a discarded butt to a spewing oil tanker, leaching toxic waste into our environment and water supply.

And for those of you who think cigarette butts are biodegradable – wrong. The filter is made of a type of plastic that does not degrade. If you must smoke in areas where smoking is forbidden, think of the “take your trash with you” rule. Stomp out your butt completely and once its’ thoroughly extinguished and cool enough, put it in a small plastic bag and take it with you to be thrown away properly in a waste receptacle. Encourage other people who smoke to do the same and never let someone throw a lit cigarette out whether they hiking, driving or just taking in nature’s view.

Next month – Self-Imposed Community Service – Just Can It!!! 

Author: Alice

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