Everyday Wisdom from Everyday Horse People – November

Everyday Wisdom from Everyday Horse People:

(Disclaimer – this is strictly an opinion column and readers should always consult the advice of a recognized, licensed and professional horse trainer if they have questions or insecurities about proposed process or get a second opinion).


Certainly not your typical horse person but the star of a national, Chevy Commercial and make no mistake  – Nicole Rose is the REAL DEAL. Go Google the commercial about a barrel racer who drives a Chevy and then savor every frame as it resonates authenticity about the world of competition and the team effort/bond between horse and rider. You can’t fake that stuff and that is why the GM execs knew they had a winner on their hands when they put this professional rider in front of the camera in plain sight. I visited this trainer, stuntwoman, singer and working Mother along with her 17 equine crew (9 horses belong to Nicole personally) and I asked about what advice she could give the rest of us.


Nicole Rose  – Warming up a horse is just like warming up any other athlete, it’s important for both man and horse to get exercise and to warm-up beforehand.  At Sterling Rose Stables, our athletes, our performance horses, have an individualized exercise regimen and when you couple that with a top of the line diet, you end up with a happy, healthy horse. We pride ourselves on the care we put into our horses.  Although Sterling Rose Stables is primarily a show barn, we also cater to non-competition type students and horses. We gear ourselves towards all riding enthusiasts who wish to perfect their craft and provide themselves and their horses with a stimulating environment.


Please visit www.sterlingrosestables.com for more info.

Author: Alice

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