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Edgar Lara Jumping

Co-owner Lara jumps Edgar with air to spare

July Horse of the Month – “A Disney Prince Trapped in a Horse’s Body”

 By West Coast Editor – Cherie Kyte

(Editor’s note: Much like some special people, some horses just draw you in. Edgar is just such a horse. I remember the first time I saw him at the wash rack. I thought – “Who is that amazing creature?)

Edgar is massive. He stands 17 hands high so most Premier League soccer players could hide from view behind his withers. He has dinner-plate-sized hooves topped by powerful feathered legs adorned with ridiculously adorable black spots. If you’ve seen the movie, “Brave” and appreciated Angus, Merida the heroine’s big black horse, you get the gist of Edgar. This powerful horse has a personality to match his physique, a tremendous affinity for carrots, and a great and giant heart to share between his two delighted owners.

Edgar Erin Rainbow

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is Edgar

Edgar is co-owned by Erin and Lara and we were lucky enough to meet all three new friends a few weeks ago (for more details on co-owning a horse, check out our June article on the topic). When we arrived, Edgar was being hosed off in a wash rack – he was baring his teeth, all the better to appreciate the mouthful of spray from the hose being aimed his way and loving every minute of it. Hilarious. Lara told us that he seems happiest when both women work on him! What a guy.

Both women have enjoyed discovering all the things Edgar can do and so far he seems able to do a little bit of everything. He can be ridden Western, English, bareback, and knows some dressage moves. The women report he has even shown an interest in jumping – low ones so far but he seems to love it. The photo Lara shared with us of Edgar leaping over a pole brought to mind a medieval destrier bounding across a castle moat (yes, he is that majestic). The goal is to enter him in a horse show at some point. There is nothing this Renaissance man won’t do for his owners. Erin did tell us, with a laugh, that before Edgar’s journey led him to them, he flunked out of the police horse academy. Seems like quite a loss for law enforcement. Edgar could stop a crime wave all by himself, I suspect. Have I mentioned he’s very large?

Erin Edgar Trotting

Co-owner Erin and Edgar

Erin was laid off from her job shortly after they got Edgar.  She says it would have been very easy for her to become depressed after such an event. But Edgar gave her a place to go every morning and she calls him “her lifeline.” Both friends agree he is very therapeutic, indeed just being at the barn is therapeutic. Erin put it well when she told me that all of your senses and focus are taken up when you’re around horses so there’s no room for anything else. Lara credits Edgar with helping her get back into shape and living a healthier lifestyle. Not a bad record for police academy washout.

Is Edgar perfect? No. Lara and Erin are realistic about the big guy. He can be pushy and intimidating because of his size. But these women know how to handle him.

Erin says “We can never live without horses again.” Lara calls Edgar a “Disney prince trapped in a horse’s body” and he certainly lives up to that.

– By CherieEdgar close


Author: Cherie

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