About us….think “Pink” this month and get into the Spirit of things


About us….think “Pink” this month and get into the Spirit of things!

By subscriber/contributor –Nona Green


Dressage is an elegant sport, with only formal attire at the upper levels – think dark coat with lapels….  I wonder if riders at top levels ever wish they could wear something besides black.  What about PINK? A show coming up on Oct. 17, let’s you get into the spirit of helping fight breast cancer by waiving the dress code.  Come visit Spirit Equestrian, and see why boarders say they are spoiled for life!

Dappled grey in Pink













Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
October 17-18, 2015

Level 2


Pink ribbon and boot

A portion of the proceeds is donated each year to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Conservative colors are waived for this event as long as you wear PINK!! Year after year this show has grown and we have been able to continue to increase our donation to this wonderful cause. Please help us make this show the best one yet!

Bay in Pink



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