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Front Cantle bag by Cashel attaches to the brass rings of the pommel on an all purpose English saddle. “With its close fit and contoured design, this bag fits the English style saddle. Low profile and non-restrictive in nature, it attaches securely to the front of the saddle and anchors neatly under the fender. Strong, accessible fasteners keep everything neatly in place. Center Pouch: 7” w x 5” h x 3” d. Side Bags: 6” w x 7” h x 2” d.”sb-en-s

Another alternative is Cashel’s rear cantle bag that fits over the saddle’s cantle, leaving your hands unhampered in the front.


One of the trickiest situations on the trail is if you get bucked off and your horse scampers off with saddle bag, cell phone and all.  Cashel also has an answer for this dilemia, called the Ankle Safe. asafe-bla

“Don’t be caught out on the trail without the handy, compact Ankle Safe. The perfect place to carry your necessities and items you may need in the unlikely event you get separated from your horse. Specially designed pocket for a cell phone and smaller side pockets hold your ID, cash, and whistle. Snap hook keeps your keys secure. Padded inner lining and elastic closure make it comfortable to wear on your ankle, inside or outside of your pants. The Ankle Safe can also be used for jogging, mountain biking, or as a substitute for a purse or wallet. Can also be worn on your arm. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.”

leather-sandwich-bag-1402 My old standby is the Leather “Sandwich Bag” by Tory. Made in the USA and crafted from fine leather this bag fits on the brass cantle rings to the right side of your saddle. It can carry a small water bottle, iPhone and horse treats. Editor’s note: Because I often ride alone,  I bring horse treats so that passerby’s, bike riders and hikers can feed my horse as we venture out onto the trails. I do this because if my horse and I are separated, there’s a good chance he will go to a person extending a hand out.  Although lots of experts frown about both practices: riding alone and feeding horse treats along the way, it has been successful in teaching my horse to see people in less frequented areas as approachable in the hopes of getting something good.  I have also started wearing my Belkin arm band carrier for my cell phone.

Happy Trails!


Author: Alice

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