THE GOOD HORSE – Have a very “Monty” Christmas

‘Tis the season for giving back and “Monty” delivers. This handsome, buckskin was rescued 5 years ago and his owner Sarah has never regretted her decision to adopt him.


Husband proof, kid proof, and antler proof – Monty can do it all!


****Thank you Calabasas Saddlery for your generous gift to our Horse of the Month – “Monty.”

Calabasas interior“Monty found me when he was a three-year-old. He was living in a large pasture, eating alfalfa cubes, and had been abandoned by his previous owner. I wasn’t in the market for a second horse, but he would just stand at the fence and look at me with his piercing brown eyes. So I adopted Monty – and had no clue that he would be the horse love of my life.monty-jumping


Time for a LOVE break

Monty is the kindest, sweetest, safest horse I have ever known. He will jump around a course of fences for me, or pack my husband, kids, and friends around on a trail. He has dabbled in dressage, and will happily jump in the trailer and ride out wherever you would like to go. We like to joke that he posts for you, because his trot is ground covering and so smooth. He also didn’t seem to notice the reindeer antlers that I have recently attached to his halter.


Riding with Mom

I wasn’t sure how Monty would adapt to his recent move to Hidden Hills, but so far, he is happier than I have ever seen him. He lives with his long time pasture-mate, Cloud, who is a 19 year old paint mare. She leans on him for everything. They get a mixture of organic timothy, orchard, and alfalfa, that I pack into porta grazers. These grazers slow down their eating, and also make a great toy. Monty loves to flip is over, and roll it around. Once in a great while though, he will roll it through the fence. I fill the feeders 2 or 3 times per day as needed – and support the hay with individualized Platinum Performance packs, and coolstance copra.

For Christmas, Monty is getting a larger pasture so that he can kick up his heels when he is feeling fresh. As for now, he enjoys his view onto the road – whenever people and kids walk by, he pokes his head out, and is sure to get a pet or a kiss. I am beyond grateful to have Monty in my life – and every time someone asks me if he is for sale, the answer is always no.” monty-western














Happy Holidays – Sarah

Author: Sarah

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