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By Subscriber/Contributor Julie Rockwell

Professional Horsewoman and Hauler at Crimson Farms Equine Transport.

Choosing the best saddle rack can be about what’s the most mobile and affordable. Almost everyone has owned a folding saddle rack at one time or another because they are inexpensive and easy to pack and store. But not always a sturdy choice when you are moving quickly from horse to horse and changing saddles in the process. You need a saddle rack with a sturdy base, and these aluminum, stand alone saddle racks are the best investment. Yes, they are more expensive but worth it. They are light weight and highly functional as they can handle any saddle weight.  Depending on how many saddle placements you need, there are different options: single, double or triple.





Usually most tackrooms come with wall saddle racks which are convenient, but you almost always find yourself needing more space for saddles. Although this aluminum rack seems bulky because of its design, its so easy to move and its hard not to find space for it in your tackroom.

West Valley FeedWest Valley Horse Center stocks these racks and has a great selection.


However, you still might need a saddle rack near a hitching post or riding ring. We love this custom, tee-bar option that Agoura Feed carries.agoura-feedtbar-rack It attaches to a pipe corral panel and can easily be moved in or out of the ring. Whether stand alone or attachable, these aluminum saddle racks can move with you making them a  worthwhile, long-term investment.







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Author: Julie Rockwell

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