Equine Benefits – What’s Good for the Runner, is Good for the Rider Too!


The tights have a reflective pattern. The gloves have LED lights under the flap.


This rider coupled the reflective tights with Ovation Maree Boots (sold at Calabasas Sadderly for a custom, personalized fit or online at One Stop Equine Shop)

All too often I find myself getting the horses out late.  Starting out around the “Magic Hour,” and coming home in the dark.  I am usally riding one and ponying the other and I am almost always on my own. Some of the time is spent on bridal paths and some on more quieter, neighborhood streets. That said, I am always searching  for reflective gear that is both functional and offers easily “visible” benefits. Recently, I found these reflective running tights by Shape and like some equestrian tights, they don’t have a full seat nor knee patches. But they fit well and have a reflective pattern that runs through them. I wear them with boots and half chaps for better staying power in the saddle and my saddle has a suede seat, which also helps. I am not crazy about head lamps as I have ridden with them for years and struggle to turn them off and on. Although they may be great for me, not so great for the horses.  Most horses’ night vision is superior and the light tends to interfere with their ability to see at a greater distance.  I stumbled upon these gloves with LED lights that fit into a flap over the top of your hand, near your knuckles. (sold separately on Amazon.com). They are easy to turn on and off with light pressure and since I always ride with gloves anyway, these work.  These LED gloves are especially useful at night when doing barn chores such as leading two horses to stalls and not having to fumble with a flash light. Also, great when you are loading feed bags in the dark and can do so hands free with a handy light, literally, at your disposal. glove

Happy Trails!



Author: Alice

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