The GOOD Horse – Gorgeous Gio is HOM for February


Gio is the GOOD horse!


Beautiful horse and owner are featured this month and are the proud recipients of prizes courtesy of Bright Star Saddlery of Simi Valley. Bright Star is determined to be the one stop shop for Ariat and Kerrits riding apparel. So its only fitting they would supply this month’s winner with a water-resistant riding coat by Kerrits. Scarf and Jewels also from Bright Star. 




I’ve known Gio since the day he was born, and I instantly fell in love when I saw that snip and his big brown eyes. baby-gioHis sire, Honor Hill Shadrach, was a personal favorite of mine. He only threw fillies over the years, but one year, he finally had 2 colts. The breeder decided to keep one has her future stallion, and Gio was then gelded because his head was too long. Lucky me!! He then became mine when he turned 2. His sire passed away shortly after, and so I ended up with the only colt by Shadrach that was ever offered for sale.

Gio is now a coming 6 year old Morgan gelding. gio-homHe can be stubborn like his daddy, but he is incredibly smart and willing. In true Morgan fashion, he LOVES people and thinks everyone wants to be greeted by him. He’s more curious than anything, and not afraid of very much. He loves to play and be social with other beings; horses, dogs or otherwise. There is nothing he won’t do, he is very trusting and loves to please. He is already an exceptional partner at his young age, so I can only imagine what a great horse he will be for years to come.


Gio still has quite some growing to do, so his diet consists of Alfalfa and Grass. He is fed 3 times a day, as well as a small ration of grain with his supplements and electrolytes. I use slow feeders to keep him busy or from eating too fast, although he is quite good about taking his time. He has great energy, always ready to go and slightly spunky, but never gets overexcited with a rider. He is a happy, healthy boy who loves to get out and work.

I look forward to many years of riding and adventuring with my boy!



Happy Horsing!


Author: Alice

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