With Birthday Crown, Storm poses with his owner Michelle

PARK PLACE STORM  is once again HOM for March! Storm just turned 28 years strong  and deserves recognition once again after surviving what was likely a small tornado that took out his shelter a few years ago. A large tree toppled the roof of his paddock, trapping the Morgan gelding under the wreckage. He waited patiently for hours until daybreak when barn hands literally cut through twisted, metal pipe to free him.  As some of his human herd gathered to celebrate his 28th birthday, we felt his story from 2014  was worth repeating. celebtating-storm2

“Storm” Survives  “The Storm”


Storm views the wreckage from his new pen.

Storm is an accomplished 25-year-old Morgan. Yeah, I know it’s another Morgan, our third in a row! But there’s just something about this breed that just keeps amazing us! Storm is handsome and good-natured and on February 26th, in the early morning hours, this 14.1 hands, gelding would be put to the test. As torrential rains and heavy winds rolled through the valley where Storm is kept, trees were toppled and a good-sized tack shed blew over on it’s side. A large tree fell crushing the roof of Storm’s pipe corral, leaving it totaled and uninhabitable. However, this seasoned vet found a place in his paddock where he was safe. Had Storm been a taller horse, he probably wouldn’t have fared as well but his body type along with his calm, unfettered nature left him unscathed.


Standing, yet barely able to move, Storm waiting patiently for the 7:00am feed time when the Barn Manager came to his rescue and safely cut him out of his pen. We are in awe of this horse’s bravery and level-headedness in a terrifying situation. We applaud Storm and appreciate fate for being so kind to him and his owner Michelle.  And that’s why Smart, Savvy Storm is our Horse of the Month for March.


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Author: Alice

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