Equine Benefits – Baling Twine to the Rescue

“Baling Twine to the Rescue”

Inspired by subscriber April Stock from Topanga, California.

What do you do when you are at the barn and need a “quick fix” solution? Grab the baling twine.

Most barns have plenty extra on hand from all the bales of hay fed everyday. Here are some “go to” uses we found but perhaps April’s is the most unique. 

April’s use for baling twine – “When you forget to pack your belt for your post-work ride.”

Here are some other uses around the barn –

Securing a fence, temporarily



Closing a hay manger






Tying up a Himalayan salt lick

Hanging a feedbucket





Fastening a barn door

Anchoring a hay bag










Submit your uses at equineaddiction1@aol.com and win a gift certificate to Dover Saddlery.

Happy horsing!

Author: Alice

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