Everyday Wisdom – Don’t Toss Those Blankets! Repair them!

“Boy and Girl” paisley blankets

After the winter season, is a great time to purchase new blankets because a lot of them are on sale at this time of year. But before you open your wallet, take a look at your existing inventory and see if some of those blankets can be refurbished and repaired. A good blanket is hard to find especially when it comes to fit and fill content.  These paisley blankets have a light insulation perfect for the Southern California climate and I like the fit. When Hadley ripped the lining of his blue one, replacing it was gonna to be tough and expensive. So instead I headed to my local dry cleaners and laundry service. “Marine’s Cleaners” on Topanga Canyon Blvd not only laundered the blanket but repaired the lining for under $50. Not bad compared to the cost of a new blanket especially since the blue one is longer available.

For other blankets that needed buckle and strapping repair, I headed to the local cobbler or shoe repair. Conveniently located right next to the dry cleaners!  To my surprise, I found that two area “A” lister hunter/jumper barns had already enlisted Mike’s help in blanket repair.  Mike also repairs boots, bridles,  halters and does some minor work on saddles.

A word to the wise – Before you head to the cobbler or the dry cleaners launder the blankets at home or at a laundromat. Nobody wants a smelly blanket in their shop so take pity on the shop owner. I prefer the laundromat but I am careful to check with the owner to make sure I can use their large machines. I frequently hose the blankets off and let them air dry before taking them to the laundromat. This eliminates a lot of dirt, hair and shavings that might clog a washing machine.

Happy horsing!


Author: Alice

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