THE GOOD PONY – “Smokey” June’s HOM

Finn Reiker and Smokey show their stuff. (Photo courtesy of Tami Reiker)

Show day

“Mom and I hit the trails early at Ahmanson”

Getting a few pointers

“Yes, I can.”

Time for a good roll!


“Smokey” thinks that he is a horse – no one bothered to explain to him that he is only 12.2 hands.  I bought Smokey when my first daughter was born – he was 4 years old, and I bought him 5 minutes after meeting him.  He is the best little guy.  He is a welsh type B, and turns 9 next month.

If you ask Sophia, my four year old, she will tell you that he is as close to a unicorn as they come. She loves to trot, and her legs are finally long enough to kick and make Smokey go.  He is the dirtiest pony, and loves to roll. Keeping him somewhat clean is a full time job.
Smokey is still learning, but he has a heart of gold, and loves his kids. He is an adventure pony on the trail, and a flashy gentleman in the show ring, but best of all, he lives in the front yard where he gives kisses to parents and kids in the neighborhood every day.
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Author: Sarah

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