The GOOD HORSE – “BRONSON” July’s Horse of the Month

The GOOD HORSE – “Bronson”

By owner Bianca Lukasik

Thank you Malibu Feed Bin for your gracious prize for “Bronson” and his family.





A GOOD HORSE is good for kids. Daughter MaKenzie with Bronson



Bronson with trainer Jessica Karlsson

Our story begins with the rescue of a Lusitano, gelding named “Bronson.” A year ago, when we first met Bronson we had high hopes of bringing him home. He was standing in a pile of filth; his head was tied straight up to a tree and bound by a rope and chain. He had bleeding lacerations running down both front legs resulting from a cruel and unconscionable act known as “rope tripping.” Horses that fall prey to this inhumane practice are usually used for entertainment purposes before slaughter. The horse is terrorized and chased out of a shoot or pen only to have a single rope thrown around the pastern forcing the horse to flip over on its back; the outcome is usually a horse with a broken leg or snapped spine. Bronson was lucky enough to escape this horrible fate thanks to our perfect timing. We rescued him from a hellish situation and everyday he shows us how grateful he is.

Bronson has shown great promise in the area of three-day eventing and has shown a natural aptitude for the sport both physically and mentally. He’s improves strength-wise thanks to the right diet, supplements and the right amount of exercise. Good ownership has helped on my part and the right training, with Jessica Karlsson, has also been a great help. Bronson is full of life, love and has a commanding presence; he draws you in. Our whole family adores him. I can’t believe how satisfying it is to see a horse transformed from a starving, neglected, abused animal and become a healthy, energetic, and happy equine. He got there because people wanted to save him. It’s awe-inspiring to see Bronson achieve and through recovery we are reminded how terribly he has suffered but yet he still has such a will to live and allow people love him again.

Happy horsing,


Author: Bianca Lukasik

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