Lovely Lola – The GOOD HORSE for October


















Jasmine and Lola received a very generous prize from the Calabasas Saddlery. Julie and her well-trained team always take such good care of their customers and are so involved with the local horse community. Julie offers many events and opportunities for small business folks and vendors to be part of what she does. Julie is definitely a one of a kind horsewoman. 

“Lola” is a very cute Appaloosa pony (almost tall enough to be a horse) and her owner Jasmine writes about her. “Lola is my Appaloosa mare and her registered name is ‘Nemepoo Shufflebunny’ She comes from the great state of Montana. My family and I just call her Lola. Lola’s a little over 13 hands and is ten years old.  Her  favorite adventure is trail riding. She is also an excellent jumper, but Lola loves trail rides more than arena work which happens to be my favorite too. She has a wonderful canter and prefers to canter uphill which is great as long as the footing is good. She is my first horse and such a good friend. I am fortunate because after school, I can walk to the barn and Lola is always so happy to see me. She is my favorite horse ever because she always protects me when I ride her. For example, if I am ever off-balance in the saddle Lola stops dead in her tracks. She eats mostly orchard hay and gets a bucket of timothy pellets daily plus carrots and an occasional apple. Lola is such a good little pony/horse and I love her so!”

Happy Halloween and Happy Horsing!


Author: Alice

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