Fog rolls in over the Santa Monica Mountains as we ride the Ridge.

As usual, my trusty appaloosa Hadley delivers

Advanced riders make their way through Malibu Creek State Park

Best Trail Boss requires best horse: Debbie D. and unflappable “Jake”

Intermediate Riders (foreground) and the advanced group in the distance.

Cowgirl and organizer Ruth Gerson with step-son Glen of Calamigos

Photos courtesy of Julian Watkins

Located at the Calabasas and Malibu Border, the Rec Ride, co-founded by horsewoman Ruth Gerson some years ago, is an annual event hosted by Malibu Valley Farms Equestrian Center. The ride is almost always held in October and attracts different riders through out Southern California. The beauty of this ride is you don’t have to be a horse owner although there are plenty of those that attend (including yours truly.)  You DO need to be a horse enthusiast though and have a profound love of nature as there are three different rides in this event: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. All three rides feature beautiful,  scenic views and at least a couple of hours of great horsing! Rental Horses are provided for non-horse owners by Rocking K Ranch every year to encourage the public to get out and horseback ride. Every year Ruth Gerson honors someone who has a served in the effort to preserve the environment we all hold so dear and our horsey life style here in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. This year’s honorees were Mr. Richard Bruckner, Former Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning, and Ms. Nicole Englund, Chief of Staff for 3rd District Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

Advanced riders take a moment before they move on to Reagan Ranch

Kimberly always has time for a selfie as she leads the way

The day may start with the ride but ends with a Barbecue/picnic  provided by Calamigos and a very generous raffle with plenty of good loot! For next year’s ride, contact Ruth Gerson  to find out in advance how you can sign up, but be aware that the beginner ride which takes place at King Gillette Ranch is the easiest and most well-rounded. The intermediate and advanced rides head into Malibu Creek State Park and on to the Reagan Ranch; both are fast paced and more for advanced riders and the gaited horse community.

See you next year!


Author: Alice

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