Equine Benefits- Gifts for the Equestrian in your life

 Can never get enough chocolate around the holidays? Well,   Harbor Sweets and the Calabasas Saddlery can solve that problem. Not only is the chocolate first rate but almost always comes in a beautiful box. So even if the chocolate disappears the box endures.

In need of a good read?

Author Linda Ballou put together some of her favorites:

Also, look for Linda’s books on audio. Perfect for those long hauls and you want to keep in touch with your horsey roots.

As we are now having cooler weather, nothing works better than layers. Our favorite this season has been the Joules’ line. These coats are not only beautiful, but they are waterproof! We use them as a great insulator over t-shirts and sweatshirts. The caps are great too!

The Joules line is used by a lot of equestrians and these particular styles can be special ordered by Calabasas Saddlery.

Happy Horsing!




Author: Alice

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