THE GOOD HORSE -“Romanov” January 2018 HOM


By Jennifer Djavadi

For submitting Romanov, Jen has won a gracious prize from Calabasas Saddlery. Julie and her crew come through yet again. 
“I submitted my horse Romanov because not only is he a once in a lifetime horse for anyone, he’s REALLY a once in a lifetime horse for me!

Romanov was imported from Europe as a 3 year old.  My dear friend Marilyn Meadows Bernstein bought him from the stallion testing.  Over the years, she trained and competed on him through Prix St. George.  Marilyn and I had met over 30 years ago and we reconnected about 10 years ago.  When Marilyn’s back went out, she had to quit riding.  Romanov was to be sold.  As much as I wanted Romanov, I unfortunately could never afford a horse of this quality and training, but fate intervened.  Marilyn wanted him to not only go to a home where he would be properly ridden, but most importantly where he would be loved.  She knew that I could provide that home and made it possible for him to be my forever horse!

Romanov is a Danish, Warm blood by Michelene.  He’s a half brother to one of the horses that was on the British 2012 Olympic gold medal team.  You will never meet a sweeter or kinder soul.  Sure, he’ll spook at anything and everything; and frankly, at times, without any logic!  Large rumbling trucks?  No problem, he’s got those.  A leaf falling across the street?  Holy cow, time for a melt down!  Piaffe, passage, one tempi’s?  No problem for Romanov.  Which is why I feel completely safe putting my son, who doesn’t ride very often, on him to just putz around the arena. Romanov is thoughtful and careful with whoever is riding him.

He’s a fan of watermelon, chocolate and P&J sandwiches too! Romanov has taught me more than I imagined.  Not only am I a better rider because of what he’s taught me, but he’s also trained me to partner with him and trust my gut.  From him, I have learned that on some days you need to modify the plan to fit into what the horse is thinking. Being flexible and not just sticking to what my plan is.  He’s taught me that some days you just need to slow down and go for a walk. And above all else, be present and live in the moment.

Romanov is now 20. He is still works 6 days a week, either in the arena or on the trails.  I know that I will have other horses in my lifetime, but I can confidently say that none will ever be the friend and teacher Romanov has been to me.  I am so grateful he’s my horse.”

Happy Horsing!



Author: Jennifer Djavadi

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