THE GOOD HORSE – “Tuxedo” & Valentine for February

By Pamela Robins
Editor’s note: Pamela has been through many tests and trials in her life, but the one thing that has been so consistently reliable is a beautiful, Paint gelding named “Tuxedo.” I remember meeting Pamela years ago when she first bought this running quarter horse and what elation and joy he brought into her life. The special bond between these two epitomizes excellent horse care and all its benefits.  When we show empathy and compassion for our equine friends, they almost always repay the favor. For submitting Tuxedo Pamela has won a prize from a local feed store.

“Tuxedo is a very flashy 16.2 hand, black-and-white half Thoroughbred and half Quarter Horse. He is also a Registered Paint Horse. If he could talk, he would tell you how handsome, absolutely hysterical, smart, kind, grounded, brave and talented he is. For those that know him, this would make complete sense and for those that don’t, you can see him all over my Instagram and Facebook where I provide a forum for his amazing personality to shine through. I found him back in 2009 on the website dream The second I saw him, I felt a lighting bolt strike my heart and I knew he was supposed to be with me – my soul mate.

This magnificent creature is the greatest teacher, healer and friend I have had yet in this life. Our bond of unconditional love has carried me through the most difficult times and I am full of the deepest respect and gratitude for him. He still takes my breath away and it is an honor to care for him and to have him as a partner and companion. He also touches the lives of many other people with his gentle and charming ways. He is a magnet for meaningful interactions and I am gracious with him in recognizing and allowing him to explore this part of himself beyond just with me. It is my honor to share his being with others. We have competed in 3 Day Eventing and hold a California Title in Beginner Novice (our first season out and only a year or so after I learned to ride!) and we love to explore the trails together bareback and bosal only. Our relationship runs deep with trust and unconditional love. He is powered by Orchard and Alfalfa as well as a mix of Purina Equine Senior, Beet Pulp, Platinum Performance CJ and Farrier’s Formula.

His favorite treats are bananas, carrots, apples and he told the pet psychic about the time I ran out of the soft cookies with the peppermints in the middle! Tuxedo is also the co-author of our book: Meditating with Animals – How to Create More Conscious Connections with the healers and Teachers Among us which you can find out more about at or on Instagram @meditatingwithanimals.”

Pamela   Robins Author + Speaker + Teacher + Sound Healing Artist Experiential Services Manager for Great Spirits Ranch Malibu 424.235.9792

See you on the Trail,


Author: Pamela Robins

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